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We offer the Free pickup and delivery same day dry cleaning Stamford ct at the same or low cost as your neighborhood dry cleaners.  

We will clean your clothing Professionally & Deliver on your scheduled delivery day.

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Why choose dry cleaners Stamford?

  • We always deliver to you fresh & clean clothes with dependable service. 
  • Professional & quality cleaning at reasonable prices. 
  • We provide the best customer service. Pickup and deliveries within time. 
  • We offer our services to both residential and commercial locations. 
  • We provide convenience and consistent quality and value for customer satisfaction.
  •  Our cleaning fluids are natural, toxin-free and biodegradable. So skin and clothing are protected and safer.

best Dry Cleaners in Stamford CT

People now live in a very hectic world. We do not have time anymore to do some of the crucial chores for living. That’s the reason why Dry Cleaners Stamford is here at your service. Our dry cleaning services are here to help you manage your lives better. We exist to solve a concern brought about by modern existence.

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Services in Stamford, CT

Nowadays, the majority of dry cleaners are still utilizing chemicals, which could harm one’s health. They normally include something called as perc – a petroleum-based chemical. At Dry Cleaners Stamford CT, we offer our clients with eco-friendly products for dry cleaning.  

Our process involves the use of non-toxic and biodegradable compounds that perform a wonderful job maintaining your garments clean and looking wonderful. Our method is more efficient when it comes to result, and you don’t need to be worried about chemicals that could impact your health negatively.

Wedding Gowns Cleaning & Preserving

We understand that your wedding gown is a very sensitive type of clothing. In fact, they must be treated properly, just like a human. While most folks keep them in their attics or basement, those are not the ideal places for your wedding gown to be. At Dry Cleaners Stamford CT, we have years of experience not just cleaning wedding gowns, but we can preserve them too. 

You will find different aspects we follow when preserving them, such as protection from dust, humidity levels, consistent temperature, light, or insects. Our team takes into consideration what position your delicate dress is kept, and the kind of tissue paper utilized in the pad of its interior.

Pickup and Delivery Services in Stamford, CT

Are you one of those people who are busy taking care of your family? Perhaps you are already working very hard within the week. At Dry Cleaners Stamford CT, we totally understand your own dilemma. Between career and family, there is no time for anything. That’s the main reason why we offer stress-free dry cleaning pickup and delivery services for you!

No matter if you have a slew of suits which must be cleaned every week or a wardrobe full of jackets, our team can handle that! You would be surprised at how handy our service could be for your life.

We Always Strive for Personal Care

With us, thorough attention to detail and superb service is what our clients have come to anticipate. That’s an outcome of manifold checkpoints and inspection performed throughout the cleaning procedure. Our knowledgeable team personally assesses your clothes to ensure we are following all your preferences and instructions. We also make sure each garment leaves our store looking great.

There’s something unique that separates us from the crowd. You see, this is not just about our store. It is all about our customers. It is all about offering the best in customer service, convenience, and quality.

Do you wish to get rid of your filthy clothes?
Call Dry Cleaners Stamford CT today, and we will pick them up for you!